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  1. Disk Space: 2.000 Mb
  2. Monthly Traffic: 20 Gb
  3. Allowed Domains: 2
  4. Email Accounts: 20
  5. Offer of a domain: YES, supply of genetic domain

Select the Domain to add to your plan:

- Register a new domain
- Transferring your domain from another Registrar
- I will use my domain and update the nameservers

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Choose and decide which payment period you want. Payment periods change depending on the type of service.

voucher help

We carry out the customization of your store to suit your needs.
In addition to the normal payment IziShop service, added value has to be budgeted for customizing the online store

Step 2 - Payment Option


Do you have a discount voucher? Enter the code in the box below.

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The online security is increasingly important, especially for those who purchase online.
In the case of electronic commerce, it is important that your customers feel total confidence in your website, and have assurence that the information sent via the Internet, maintains their privacy and confidentiality.

When a customer enters a website address with a secure (https) and scans the padlock symbol in the address bar, it is crucial matter on whether to proceed in the website.

There is evidence that the websites that have online protection, have a higher rate of visitors.
To have a high level of credibility, we guarantee the certification of your website with the latest encryption technology, SSL up to 256-bit, allowing the customer to remain on your website without any problems.

Installation only available for hosting accounts with Cpanel

In case of the hosting being in another company, it is necessary to have the access data to the account to install the certificate.

For buy an SSL security certificate, you need a dedicated IP

WHOIS contact details


Add an SSL digital certificate to your notes and make your site accessible via https. Option indispensable for anyone wishing to have an online store or a protected members area.


Step 4 - Client Authentication

You are the last step to complete the registration on our website.

Please enter the data more accurate and complete as possible, according to these data is that the ownership will be ensured .


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Do you want to contribute a donation at one of the sites supported by Izisolidarity? Just choose one of the sites supportive, make payment of the amount
you want. At the end of your donation, you can finalize the payment of your order.

List of Solidarity Websites:

  PTwebSite Solidário en
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  Site nome dois
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  Site três que faz solidario
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  Quarto Site Solidário
dasfdasfsdfds sd fsad asdfsd asgfgsdgfsdfgfsdgsdfgsdfgsdfgsdfg fsdgdfgdfgdf

  Ultimo e quinto site Solidário
dasfdasfsdfds sd fsad asdfsd asgfgsdgfsdfgfsdgsdfgsdfgsdfgsdfg fsdgdfgdfgdf frwert wergtwehy we rty erty er th
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